links for 2007-03-14

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  1. Stephen, I’m troubled to hear about the installation failure of the Solaris Express Developer Edition. Will you blog with some additional details or drop me a line?

  2. The idea of s3/ec2 for all my hosting needs is so appealing, but non-persistent mysql instances just won’t cut it. There’s a couple interesting ways to replicate around the problem, such as running two mysqls on one instance, but they’re far from efficient. Latency is the deal breaker for using db’s off-site from ec2 frontends, so the idea of a storage engine is pretty exciting. Better yet, I’d like to see Amazon give us an object-relational database or something similar to Google Base.

  3. I’m the author/presenter for the mysql s3 storage engine. I’ve just made my first public release of it, it’s at http://fallenpegasus.com/code/mysql-awss3

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