The Situation as of 7 PM ET

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Ok, everything’s more or less decided at this point. I’m not going home to Denver until Tuesday, I’ll be working from my parents’ place in New Jersey tomorrow, and my Dad’s probably going to have to wait for his Christmas presents as they’re currently sitting back in my apartment.

Apart from some long hold times, and a couple of wasted hours at JFK, this really hasn’t impacted me terribly. The better news is that my cat’s being looked after (Thanks, Andy), so neither is she (apart from some separation anxiety – she’s not terribly social with people that aren’t me). I feel awful for the 4000+ people stranded at DIA, the dozens caught out in the storm in their cars, and everyone else at home who’s stuck, inconvenienced, or housebound.

I’d like to extend my appreciation to the fine customer support staff of JetBlue. While I think JetBlue as a corporation handled the blizzard exceptionally poorly – by refusing to delay and/or cancel flights until the last minute, long after all of their competitors had done so, and only putting up a weather delay informational page on their website today – on an individual level the company really distinguished itself. To a person, every representative I spoke with was friendly, helpful and very apologetic for the hold times – attitudes that must have been terribly difficult to maintain under the circumstances.

Anyhow, as promised I’ll be around and available tomorrow. You know where to find me.

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  1. […] There are a lot of folks who are worse off than we are though. Steve O’Grady ended up scratching his return to Denver before his trip home for the holidays, and way too many people were stranded at the airport or are unable to get home. […]

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