links for 2006-12-06

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  1. Debunked is too strong a word; if I’d wanted to debunk, I would have gone into a great deal of detail about the history of the Ximian OOo work- it would be easy; the history is long and vast and really quite unremarkable.

    BTW, what plugin are you using for the ‘notify me via email’ checkbox? I really want something like that, but the one plugin I tried had some issues.

  2. i can see why you’d say that, but given your background in the subject i guess i assume you know the history and therefore credit it – implicitly – as debunking 😉

    as for the plugin, it’s this:


  3. Fair enough. I definitely could debunk, given the time- the claim itself is ludicrous.

    I tried the same plugin, and you’ve got the same problem that I ran into- try to ‘manage your subscription’ and you get a 404 🙂 I’m sure fixing it is just a matter of messing with apache conf files, but I didn’t have the time to mess with it.

  4. Oh, and what plugin for the nifty transition effect on posting?

  5. hadn’t even seen the 404 yet – thx for pointing that out. now i need to decide whether to a.) fix it (unlikely given my workload), b.) disable it (seems a shame), or c.) forget about it 😉

    transition effect – i believe – is powered by the template itself.

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