WordPress Migration Underway

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In case you see anything wonky this afternoon with this blog or my colleagues, that’s why. With any luck, we’ll be cut over shortly.

Will keep you posted on progress / issues.


  1. Hope the transition is smooth. You won’t ever be going back now.

  2. geez, that was kind of shocking to come here and see this. hope the migration goes well.

  3. If you’re trying to write your own theme, can I suggest sandbox from plaintxt.org? link. It’s the easiest way to get some semantic markup and go from there.

  4. Was that an intentionally missed apostrophe? Made me smile anyway 🙂

  5. Alex: 🙂

    Kit: no, that does seem unlikely.

    Anne: hopefully shocking in a good way 😉

    dbt: as you can see, i mostly punted on the theme authoring choosing a default of a K2 derivative. but i have Sandbox installed and it’s definitely possible that i go that route in future.

    Jon: must have been unintentional, b/c i can’t even spot where it’s supposed to be 😉

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