A Day of Firsts

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Snake Crossing the Path

Originally uploaded by sogrady.

Yesterday included:

  • My First Day of Fishing in ’06 [1]
  • My First Sunburn of the Season
  • My First Witnessed Canadian Goose Battle [2]
  • My First Witnessed Watersnake [3]
  • My First Snake in the Path of the Season [4]
  • My First Fish of the Season [5]
  • My First Fishing Induced Injury of the Season [6]
  • My First Real Day of Fishing Peace

It was, as you might have guessed, a very good day.

[1] At Sawhill Ponds.
[2] Seemed to be males chasing each other off, from what I could tell.
[3] About 10 feet to my right, I saw a swiftly swimming brown colored stick. A couple of seconds later, I moved.
[4] Pictured. My best guess is that it was a Corn Snake, but I know very little about snakes.
[5] A nice, thick 7 or 8 inch bass. Following that, I caught another, smaller bass, but after that I caught nothing but Bluegill all day.
[6] Not, as you might expect, a hooking of my own body part. Instead, a Bluegill that I’d caught jerked in my hand, stabbing me in the process with a dorsal spine. This, in turn, caused me to drop the fish – dorsal spine down – onto my foot. In an unfortunate coincidence, the dorsal spine punctured the place where my toenail would be if it wasn’t growing back. Blood ensued, picture hereg.


  1. That’s Canada
    — and my first venture into pedantry of the month.

  2. interesting, i did not know that. thanks for the correction 😉

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