Web 2.0 Event: Mashup Camp

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A couple of weeks back, I mentioned that we were assisting in identifying potential participants for an upcoming Web 2.0ish event. I’m pleased to announce that that event has officially been launched, and it’s called Mashup Camp. Organized by David Berlind and Doug Gold, it should be an excellent couple of days with discussions of cool mashups (duh), potential business models, API deep dives, etc. Already attending are folks from Amazon, eBay, Eventful, Flock, IBM, JotSpot, Ning, Salesforce.com, SocialText, Sun, Yahoo, and more. My Sox hat and I will also be in attendance.

Venue for said event is still TBD, but it’ll be somewhere in the San Fran environs. Dates are between 2/18 – 2/25. Attendance is limited to 250, and with 65+ folks signed up already seats are likely to go quickly. The admission target price is $0, and failing that should be fairly nominal, so travel – if you’re not in the Bay Area – will be the biggest expense. There will be a sponsors page for developers short on funds, however, and RedMonk will try and assist where we can.

I’ll be sending out invites to some of the folks that I’ve already identified, but I encourage you to check it out in the meantime.

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