Dec/Jan Schedule of Events

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Snowing in Denver

Originally uploaded by sogrady.

What you can’t see in the inset picture is the snow that continues to fall onto my porch, but it’s there. We’ve gotten a couple of inches thus far, and according to my GNOME weather applet we’re supposed to get a few more before all is said and done. At the IBM conference last week, which I’ll have more on shortly, I was telling someone newly converted to a home office that they might in fact miss the separation that comes from having your place of business and place of residence in geographically disparate locations (Jaime‘s fuming right now ;). Today, however, is one of those days where I’m quite happy to have a 20 foot commute; besides the snow the temp is, as someone mentioned to me in a morning email, expected to hit 2 degrees.

But anyhow, taking a break from administrivia for just a moment, I thought I’d take the time to outline my approximate travel and vacation schedule for the next little bit for those that are interested.

  • Next week – 12/12: I’ll be in San Fran the night of the 13th and the day of the 14th to reprise my Bottom Up Marketing deck (ODF, PPT) for a technically oriented Eclipse audience. Looking forward to it, and if you’re going to be near the Serrano Hotel do drop me a line.

    Regrettably, I wasn’t able to work ApacheCon into my schedule, so for those of you going have a blast and be sure to blog it for me. Next year, guys, I promise.

  • Week After – 12/19: Will be in Denver all week. Several of you have suggested that we do the next Tech Meetup Holiday event this week, which could still happen, but I’m not positive I’ll be able to organize it by then. If not, we’ll push it into Jan.
  • Christmas Week – 12/26: Will be out of the office on vacation. Will be heading to NJ for the weekend, and am trying to schedule some time up in Maine that week as well – it’s been too long.
  • New Year’s Week – 1/2: Will be out of the office on vacation. Plans are slightly different this year, as my annual pilgrimmage to Grand Lake has been somewhat disrupted by the fact that my friend with the place up there is expecting with his wife the arrival of their first born that Monday, but I may be headed up to Vail to meet my brother. Or I might be in Boston. Who knows. If any of the Denverites reading this have the inside track on a local event, let me know – I might have some folks in the same boat as myself.
  • Mid Jan – 1/22: Will be attending IBM’s Lotusphere event in Orlando, FL. This event was scheduled before I set my travel moratorium in place, so I’ll be headed down there. That’s assuming, of course, that my travel luck is better than it was last year.
  • End Jan – 1/30: Will be headed back to CA for the Sun analyst event. Might try and catch some other folks while I’m out West – more details on that later.

Some more news and notes on panel appearances. While I was unable to accomodate a request to participate in a panel discussion on peer media in Boston on January 18th – which I highly recommend you attend if possible, I will be moderating one of the panels at the MIT Enterprise Forum on February 11th. For the autistic or savants among you, that’s a Saturday – so I’ll probably be in Boston that w/e if you happen to be around. Most interestingly, however, I’ve been tentatively asked to sit on a panel at Debconf in Oaxtepec, Mexico. Given the depressing length of time it’s been since I left this country, that’s looking pretty good. If anyone’s running panels in Dublin, incidentally, I can probably be persuaded to attend those 😉

Anyhow, if I happen to be making an appearance near you or you’ll be attending the same event, I invite you as always to drop me a line. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of wrapup the year work, and then it’s on to some sweet, much needed vaca. Any questions on scheduling, contacts, etc – you know where to find me.


  1. We’ll have to make plans for your trip to O-Town.

  2. Looking forward to the meetup!

  3. Josh: yes indeed. will be in touch prior, and if i forget drop me a line mid Jan.

    Alex: ditto. if we don’t do the official meetup before the holidays, we’ll likely convene a smaller group informally. will keep you posted.

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