My Zend Conference Slides

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Just got through presenting the following slides at the Zend PHP Conference (ODF here, PPT here). Some of you may observe that the slides are distinctly minimalistic, and yes that was by design. It’s a poor man’s attempt at the Lessig Style (without the transitions – I wasn’t sure how they’d translate), but I didn’t think I could deliver a talk on simplicity without a simple deck. Hence, this effort. These slides won’t make a lot of sense without my accompanying audio, but I’m happy to explain any of them if you drop in a comment. In any event, I’m pretty sure I was the only presenter here to feature an AK-47 in his deck.

I’m a bit unclear on how the talk was received; while I got some good feedback from Microsoft and MySQL folks after, I got very few questions. Will post links to commenting blogs as I find them.

Thanks again to the folks that commented on lesscode.org and helped out. You’re cited in the credits.


  1. Looks like this was a very interesting presenting. Less is more, huh? Good stuff, and good links too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. a bit more "in depth" here: http://www.100days.de/download.php?id=i/677.pdf
    (tutorial on “Comparing PHP, Java/J2EE and ASP for web application management”)

    regards, helge

  3. Is that this first time you did the Lessig Style? How did it go putting it together and presenting it? Any tips or lessons learned?

  4. slide 30 is really funny.

    and i would love to know what the ladybird slide means, too.

  5. w00t!

    Did you tell the bug story? I hope you told the bug story. You can't mess with the bug story. 🙂

  6. Phil: thx much

    John: ODF is what it's written in, so i may as well make it available 😉 in all seriousness, though, you won't see me release office productivity documents in just the MS Office formats anymore.

    Helge: thx for the link. slide 55 in that deck actually makes the Long Tail point far more eloquently than i did, i think. great stuff.

    Cote': will have more on this later, but i can tell you that generating slides in this fashion is considerably harder than your standard deck – IMO.

    James: yeah, that was a last minute addition after i got a read on the audience on Wed. got a bit of a chuckle, so i think it was worth it.

    Ryan: c'mon now, you know i wouldn't miss telling the bug story, don't you? 😉 the bug story is the ladybug slide that James was asking about. i related it as a story told to me my Ryan Tomayko of lesscode.org, and it got a few laughs – though not as many as i expected. delivery issues, probably. either way, it was a great way to open the presentation.

  7. i thought it was brave to flag some "code" in that audience… imagine if Sam Ruby came up afterwards to give you a gentle nudgle about syntax.. 😉

  8. First – great slides. Kind of, well, simple. 🙂

    Next – c'mon, please share. Tell us your bug story! Blog it! We want to know…


  9. James: yes, that would have been ugly, but if i can't manage a simple IF statement i need to look for a different line of work 😉

    ClaireG: thx much, and bug story is up. cheers.

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