Help Make a Better Tech Industry: Join RedMonk

We’re hiring, in case you haven’t heard. Specifically, we’re in the hunt for a new analyst. And this time around, it’s ok if you have a little less experience because the open role is for our entry-level, Associate Analyst position.

What does that mean, and what does an analyst do? Let’s talk about RedMonk first.

Who We Are

Founded in 2002, we’re four years younger than Google and two years older than Facebook. We exist because of developers. Our core thesis is very simple: developers are the new kingmakers. From open source to mobile to cloud to big data to DevOps, developers and other practitioners are in our view the audience most likely to determine success or failure.

Some smart companies have realized this, and try to give developers interesting new things to build and build from. We call these companies clients. We need you to help us help them.

Why Work For Us

Lots of reasons. You’ll get to work with the best and brightest companies and people in the technology industry. You’ll get to learn about (and often, work with) all the best new tech the industry has to offer. You’ll have a significant say into your own research agenda. Hours are flexible.

You will may[?] be going to many of the most interesting conferences in the country, and helping to run ours. You will publish research that will be widely read, consumed and acted on. We’ll provide you with nice equipment. Our clients are absolutely tremendous to work with. Whether you’re working with a two person startup or a hyperscale cloud provider, they will believe in what you do because they believe in our mission. We try to have fun at work but also encourage a good work/life balance.

The most important reason to work for RedMonk, though, is because the work we do matters. We’ve been working since day one to improve the lot of developers the world over, and we’ve made a significant impact.

It’s a pretty sweet gig if you like learning about stuff and communicating with people.

Where We Are

Technically, we’re based in Portland, ME (America’s Coziest’s City!), but we’re also in Colorado, New York, New Hampshire and London.

We’re a distributed team, but for this role given its travel requirements we’re looking for someone based in the US.

What Do You Do

On the software side, our analysts have previously been a reporter, a research scientist, a software developer, a finance/DBA, a technical communications professor and a systems integrator. So the short answer is that we have no idea what you’re doing right now. We care less about your current role than we do your skillset.

Maybe this should have been the “Why You Don’t Have to be an Analyst Already” section.

The Role

We’re looking for someone that will make the role their own, working alongside those of us with a little more experience to define the future of the business – data-driven tech analysis and advisory services.

What You Will Do

  • Conduct briefings with companies from across a range of geographies, technical areas and disciplines.
  • Install yet another Zoom update and wonder why it still won’t work.
  • Build relationships with practitioners of all types, be they developer, designer, ops or all of the above, and more locally and worldwide.
  • Analyze market trends, both macro and micro, and output clear, digestible research.
  • Help clients understand competitive threats, business models they’re not taking advantage of, how their messaging should be optimized for specific audiences, the impact of wider market shifts and more.
  • Build relationships with clients, prospects, and developers.
  • Present and speak at conferences, on webinars, in screencasts or hangouts.
  • Assuming travel resumes at some point:
    • Attend and meet with developers, vendors and clients at industry conferences or events.
    • Organize developer meetups, but in a casual way (hanging out with developers is part of the job and you’ll have the budget to enjoy nice things in groups. AKA buy developers craft beer, or craft coffee, or craft whatever).

What You Need to Have

Normally this is the section where the employer asks for 15 years of experience covering AWS and 10 building Android applications. We try to be more realistic with our asks. Our must haves:

  • A rational, fact- based approach. Opinions are fine. Data is better.
  • A residence in the US, given that a majority of the travel will be US-based.
  • A sense of humor. Not joking.
  • The ability to synthesize disparate data from different sources, both quantitative and qualitative.
  • Excellent communication skills, and ideally experience presenting.
  • The ability to write clear, digestible and insightful analysis of complex technology.
  • A reasonable online presence. You don’t need to be Taylor Swift, but if you don’t know what Twitter is there’s a problem.
  • The ability to self-motivate, to identify and complete work independently – even when working at home in your PJs.
  • Relevant technical expertise and experience in technology infrastructure.
  • A personality that both we and our clients will enjoy working with.
  • The ability to travel regularly to industry events and client sites.
  • A passion for developers and tech.

It’d Be Nice If You Had

  • A background in statistics, economics or both.
  • Exposure to/training with statistical programming languages (R or Python if you must).
  • Experience as a developer, whether as a hobby or profession.
  • A broad range of technology exposure (as opposed to being an expert in a tiny niche).
  • Familiarity with media creation and editing; audio, video or both.

The Legal Stuff

Employment opportunities at RedMonk are open to all qualified applicants solely on the basis of their job-related experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Qualified applicants are considered for all open positions for which they apply and for advancement without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, age, marital status, the presence of a medical condition or disability, or genetic information. RedMonk complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws with regard to equal employment opportunity.

How to Apply

Send a CV and any materials you believe we should consider – your blog, testimonials, etc – to our attention at hiring @ Tell us why you’re interested in working at RedMonk and how you’re a good fit.

Please do not email staff directly; consider that a first test.