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when going on holiday is marketing. on Splunk, IoT, transport data and out of office replies

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I sent an email to Matt Davies, EMEA Head of Marketing for Splunk, this morning and got this fantastic auto-reply.

If you’re going on holiday or on a business trip then a) have a great time and b) think about your journey and how you’re interacting with machine data – it really is a case of planes, trains and automobiles:

If you’re flying from Gatwick airport then they use Splunk to make the airport more operationally efficient.
If you’re flying on an Airbus then they are helping make sure their IT systems are secure.
If you’re on a Deutsche Bahn train then they are capturing data from the tracks.
If you’re in an electric VW car then they are making sure their E-Up cars are running properly.
If you booked your holiday through e-Travel then they saved millions of pounds a year by making sure their website is always up.

130 words. So effective. This approach is great on so many levels. It makes a virtue of the out of office reply, obviously. It’s engaging and funny. It tells a story about Splunk’s – ahem – direction of travel. And it means Matt is still working even when he is away.

I now want to know more about Splunk’s push into transportation telemetry. Luckily Splunk is sending some of its engineers to the Thingmonk hackday in early September, to show us more about how VW is using Splunk as it tries to reposition as a green leader, post dieselgate with an aggressive push into electric cars. I look forward to seeing how we can integrate a Pokemon seeking drone with data about electric cars. The conference is looking good, with a raft of great talks – you should along too. Find out more and buy your tickets here.

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