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I get excited about not being a barrier to our developers

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I get excited about not being a barrier to our developers. We do a pretty good job at it today, but what really excites me is doing it better and having more velocity than we already have. I don’t want to be managing websites, I want to be a platform engineer. I want to be building the platforms and architecting new solutions to making our developers more successful. I don’t want to be deploying code or managing those kinds of assets when I don’t see the need, and I think a PaaS gets us there.

There is no reason why as an IT organization, you should get in the way of the success of a campaign or a product. A lot of that comes down to being able to deploy code and keeping the infrastructure up. And that’s fundamental to what a PaaS does.

– Chris Turra, Mozilla Foundation, Wired Innovation Insights

The best thing to do when working with developers is to get out of the way, so they can build business services, and rapidly iterate to improve the applications underpinning them. Too much time historically has been spent blocking developers, for fear that they break things, but that prevented innovation. Today, resources are at a low enough cost that enterprises, just like web companies, can experiment more, and so innovate more. Its not just organisations like Mozilla that get it however, so do more traditional enterprises such as Aetna.


disclosure: the platform in question at Mozilla is ActiveState Stackato. ActiveState is a client.


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