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Introducing Chinposin Fridays

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Reading this really nice post by Mark Cathcart reminded me just about the only place I haven’t talked about Chinpose Fridays is on this blog. Rather than rehash the explanation here I will just say as Mark points out, that its like a “dress down Friday”.

But the water cooler here is a bunch of pictures, aggregated from a variety of sources such as Twitter, Flickr, Jaiku and Pownce. It was built from the ground up in under a week using PHP by my partner in crime Chris Dalby. We now have over 130 people to strike a chinpose on Fridays (well, today, anyway). Its really easy to get involved. The easiest possible way to get involved is to simply upload your own chinpose to Flickr and then tag the picture “chinpose”. What has struck me most clearly is how incredibly creative people have been in creating chinposes.

josh porter

We explain in more depth here and here.

If you have ever had your mug shot taken for corporate purposes its very likely you have been asked to chinpose. Its a tick that many professional photographers seem to share. Chinposin is very visual, very social and a lot of fun. Please join in. Or just check out the pictures – some are really quite beautiful.


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