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2008: We Rise

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So its the New Year and time to look both forward and back. For an understanding of the RedMonk psyche you need look no further than Stephen’s roundup of 2007.

Professionally, I’m content with the year. We didn’t blow up, and neither I nor RedMonk was perfect, but we continue to have happy customers, a brilliant community, and the areas on the report card that got marked “Needs Improvement” should see some.

Dude. In order to blow up you need to take some risks. In 2008 I would like to take more of them, to work on the upside. In order to do that I, for one, will need to be a little more busy and a little less bursty. To that end we’re bringing in some part-time admin support. Excellent. Now RedMonk can get evil…


picture courtesy of cwf, under CreativeCommons Attribution 2.0 license. Looks like a Solstice pic, no? Of course Winter is an Equinox, but that’s another matter.

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