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A powerful, free, buzz tracking tool: Eliminate The Need for RedMonk

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Lets cut out the middle man. Let’s cut out RedMonk. I hereby declare myself obsolete.

For those of you that read monkchips on a regular basis I am sure you’re fed up to the back teeth of hearing about Twitter. I riff about it a lot. But its very useful. Today it just became a whole lot more useful. A guy called David Sterry built an app called Tweetscan – which allows you to search across as public Twitter messages.

Say, for example, you wanted to know: who is actually using Erlang (the new hotness among the developer cognoscenti, a programming language designed for concurrent processor architectures, based on message passing, enabling powerful pattern matching capabilities, invented at Ericcson for network use) in production? Well you could ask RedMonk or…

head over to

and see this:
jens on erlang

So we know Jens Ohlig is the guy. In other words not only do we now know someone using Erlang in anger, but we can… talk to him. If you want to know a company making lots of money with an Erlang RedMonk would say Kreditor.

But this isn’t really supposed to be a dorky post. Any marketer or community manager should find it easy enough to head to tweetscan and find people talking about their customers and competitors.

The information is out there, about what people are doing, saying, and using. Its ours to harvest. The title of this blog is a tongue in cheek hopefully, because the fact is tools like tweetscan make us far more powerful, extending our reach, allowing us into new conversations, making us smarter, and allowing us to test ideas in near real time. A database of conversations. A database of intentions. Its all coming together. 2008 is going to rock.

blog family tree (via): David left a comment on a Rafe Needleman How To Use Twitter post. I came across that link by following a tweet from Jeremiah Owyang.

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  1. To your point, I used Tweet Scan right after we launched Mix at OpenWorld to see who was using it and view the chatter. Then, I went back again this week to view momentum.

    Great little tool.

  2. Not sure what the big deal on this one .. I use

    a) Google Desk top
    b) Added the Twitter Public RSS into GDS Clips
    c) use GDS searchlet with “SearchDesktop” option
    d) enter Search term and sure enough you will be returned results if its beeen twitted !!

    is that the same as the tweetscan as user hack or not ??

  3. I agree, I love TweetScan – I found it a week or so ago and bookmarked it and another Twitter search engine on del.icio.us.

    It does work very nicely. It is also a handy way of seeing who has mentioned you, even if not in @replies (or, in @replies that you don’t see as you don’t have someone on your list). However, I’ve found that the daily or weekly email alerts just don’t work… even though a preview shows some results, the following morning when the email arrives, it is always empty. Bug, methinks.

  4. Some who registered their twitter account with Technorati will also have results turn up there. I know for a fact that many PR firms are monitoring the Twittersphere.

  5. Absolutely great tool. With 254 different RSS feeds coming in, I quite like to have a special email that gives me a good summary of the conversations I like.

    Thanks for pointing this one out.

  6. there’s no rss feed. 🙁 am I supposed to do regular one-off searches? having looked at several twitter search engines, this one is nice, but it’s the one that gets all the results and offers a feed that will win, imho.

  7. @Andy I’ve reviewed the code and you’re absolutely right. It’ll be fixed before the next batch goes out.

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  9. No matter how bold the tweet, no one could eliminate the need for Redmonk. It was good to finally put a face to the Monk.

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