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A tale of 3 homepages: HP, IBM and Sun

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After throwing down the dopplr challenge to IBM and Sun yesterday, I ended up checking out both their homepages this morning. I think the difference is instructive.

Sun.com seems a little buttoned up: crisp, but corporate.


IBM’s homepage on the hand just utterly nails it. Where. The. Action. Is. Breakthroughs come from the edges, from mashup people. CBM won’t give you what this guy will.

ibm dork

Finally I thought I would check out what HP was saying. I see.



  1. IBM is now appealing to Habs fans? It seems like a bit of a niche market…

  2. Shock horror, HP are a printer company! or should that be a MUOM company! Theres profit in them there printer cartridges…

  3. Actually, I think Mashups are a near equivalent strategy to CBM. I would fully expect a mashup oriented person to ‘get’ CBM as a strategy – it makes perfect sense.

  4. […] James Governor’s Monkchips » A tale of 3 homepages: HP, IBM and Sun This is pretty amusing. Love all the stuff the redmonk guys do. (tags: ibm internet) […]

  5. Hey George- indeed.

    Mark- i guess its HP – what it says on the tin.

    Mike- sorry but I think that’s off the mark. If you’re confusing situational applications with high endian business process consulting… then Information Management has a problem on its hands. The point I was specifically making though was really about specialisation – cross boundary work often leads to more significant breakthroughs. a mashup of skills and experience is no bad thing

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