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Mashing UP SAP: TechEd 07 Munich… driving accidental awesomeness

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The basic idea behind our participation in TechEd 07 is to introduce some outside perspectives. Its a bold move by SAP to offer us a track at their Community Day event, and it really reflects the way RedMonk likes to work with our clients- that is, through relationships that drive collaborative innovation. When we wanted to come up with some kind of theme for Vegas and Munich one jumped out at us: SAP and Non-traditional integration.

Of course on reflection that’s not such a snappy title so it seems a better one is Mashing up SAP. Who are the stars of that particular theme? Well, in Vegas it was Thomas Jung (awesome hacker and SDN uber-contributor , Matthias Zeller, and the Dan McWeeney and Ed Herrmann Show.

Thomas Jung non traditional? Well yes- BSP may be very traditional – but generating Adobe Flex code with BSP code certainly is not. Supported by SAP? Nope. Productive as hell – well yes, if you’re BSP savvy (and that’s a lot of folks)

Matthias Zeller – well Adobe gets more important to SAP by the day. Want to know what the future of SAP user interface for analytics is? Adobe AIR, the rich client runtime environment.

Dan and Ed – Never mind the toothpaste get your Wiihands on!

So what about SAP Munich? You want code mashups – we got code mashups. We’re planning to have a hack track running all day where we fool around with SAP and WordPress, the world’s favourite open source blogging platform (sorry Roller). There are a few possibles but then we’re talking art not science. Nigel James is going to rock the foundations– and I am excited. SAP doesn’t fit with PHP? I thought Craig Cmehil already blew that idea away.

We’re also going to be having some business level discussions about bridging SAP and The 2.0: perspectives on cultural, process and technology change in the age of the lightweight adhoc interaction.

Here’s what happened in Vegas – from me and my partner in crime Cote. SAP and Accidental Awesomeness– that’s what we’re hoping for next week.

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