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RedMonk: Powered by Jawbone, or.. Does Ubuntu have better driver support than Windows?

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I don’t have a great deal of experience of other Bluetooth headsets, but I am here to tell you that the sound quality of the Aliph Jawbone is just amazing. You fire it up, your phone discovers it, and then you’re walking down the street talking to clients and its crystal. I mean crystal. The sound quality in your ear is really great – and apparently the sound at the other end is equally good. If you’re walking down a noisy road you just hit sound suppression and its like a BOSE moment. Seriously the experience is immersive and makes the mobile phone so much better. I have to admit- sometimes my old Nokia (recently stolen) made me think I was going deaf. So its really good to be on top of things. The Jawbone- it makes you feel young again. Well not quite- but deafness is obviously not something I would welcome. Shame it can’t do something about my eyes.

It seems like all three redmonkers are sold on the devices. It was @sogrady that made the “Powered by” comment.

I was about to say the only thing that is annoying about the Jawbone is that it doesn’t work with PCs. But apparently, this is yet another reason to go over to the Ubuntu side – did this work, Stephen? Seems it went ok

one final minor nit – mine is red. It suits this model way better than it does me.


Now Thomas Otter, key SAP blogger and defender of the enterprisey faith, wants a Jawbone too.. Is there anyone flying in from the US for SAP TechEd in Munich next week that can pick one up for him?

disclosure: Me and Cote both have Jawbones kindly provided by the awesome Jennifer Henderson, Vice President of Krause Taylor Associates, which represents Aliph. If you want to work with a corporate relations person that is brilliant on the relationship side I can’t recommend Hendo highly enough.

other disclosure: Canonical, the commercial entity behind, or alongside, Ubuntu, is a RedMonk client. So is Microsoft.

We’re also more than happy with Ubuntu as a production server, while Stephen is a notable desktop user.


  1. No BT handsets integrate with laptops properly. If there is one thing sillier than people at conferences trying to talk into their laptop, its someone struggling to get a BT headset working to receive an incoming skype call.

    The phone vendors know that a good headset binding (a) sells headsets and (b) increases talk time. mobile telcos know that talk time==profit. But the OEMs and MS dont get profit out of skype; people dont choose their OS or laptop based on the skype experience. And skype doesnt make it easy to add and test a headset.


  2. I bought a bluetooth dongle a few weeks ago and use a Jabra headset with it on my xp laptop. It is a bugger to swap between the different audio setups, but it actually works real well both on my laptop and my phone.

    That said, I have heard how gd damn good your Jawbone is and I want one. So if anyone does actually bring one over for vendorprisey, can you pop one in your bag for me too?

  3. I’ll do my obligatory mention here: the two Bluetooth headsets I’ve had, including the Jawbone have worked easily and well with my Macs.

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  6. James, I don’t suppose you’re referring to this meaning of BOSE 🙂

  7. Still haven’t managed to get availability in Aus either … both Aliph and Amazon won’t allow sale to my address, and Apple here don’t seem to stock it either. What’s so nasty about it that we can’t get it here?

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