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Henning Kagermann, SAP CEO, meets the bloggers

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Met the Quiet Man today. Chap standing between me and Dennis. He is a straight talker. Very polite and insightful. Michael Prosceno is helping to change the SAP culture, and public perceptions of the company, with his industry-changing blogger relations program. SAP: lowering barriers. Who’d a thunk it? Oh yeah: in other news SAP became a client today.



  1. Looks very pretty indeed

  2. Is the tie perhaps an homage to Red Monk?

  3. thomas otter noticed that ALL of the SAP execs wear red ties. i am surprised oracle hasnt tried to sue them for wearing their corporate livery… 😉

  4. Congrats James … I suspect Gartner has approximately zero pictures of clients appearing so jubilant after jumping on board.

  5. not all, but I have a post brewing on exec ties..pink is very in this year.

  6. well done James, I guess we have to brief you more often now?

  7. The manufacturing guys over at Evolving Excellence have been taking some major swipes at SAP lately.


  8. there is a lot to be done and i guess stepping in right direction is always good. Kudos to SAP.

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