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What’s Next for People That Travel a Lot? Dopplr, the del.icio.us of social travel planning

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For all those people that spend too much time on the road but want to have a life comes Dopplr. I know a lot of people that will put up with living by shuttling between airports, hotels and Starbucks , that all look and feel the same wherever you are in the world, where the only question is: how much does the wifi cost? Wouldn’t it be good to hook up with others that actually want to do something, like visit that dive bar, or museum or whatever. Dopplr is another great example of a declarative living platform. I only just joined the service, and it has not given me any of those – wow, that’s awesome – moments yet. But what I am noticing is that service virality is kicking in: my network is quickly moving onto the service, with my fellow twitterers coming online. Two questions though Dopplr devs– where is the blog, and where is the API?

Dopplr is the hotness, but Scoble isn’t blogging it yet so its not the super hotness, though I do know he is in SF tonight. Hey Robert- would you like an invite?

update: Andy and Elsua are both major fans already. Doppler is the del.icio.us of social travel planning.


  1. I sent Cote an invite tonight, so look out for him soon …

  2. Yesterday I discovered a colleague is in Edinburgh tonight, and a Twitter / blogging friend is here next week. It’s pretty funky – and so simple.

    The interesting part will be competition from services like Google Calendar, Upcoming and Plazes as they potentially expand into the same territory.

  3. Hi James! I can also share something along the same lines of what Andy mentioned. I am going to be in Paris by end of the month attending IBM’s Technical Leadership Exchange with 3.000 other IBMers and have found out that one of my connections from my various social networks will also be making it to the same event. Way cool! I am hoping to be able to meet him up in between those 3.000 folks!

    What I really like about Dopplr from what I have been able to play with thus far is the fact that this is an offering that clearly sends a strong message to all of the mobile workers out there that they are no longer alone! Connecting with others while on the road could not be easier than this!

    Now I just need you to accept my request to connect with each other and I am sure we would be able to hook up together at some point…

  4. Hi James – Can you send me an invite for Dopplr? Thanks!

  5. Me too! I want in – it sounds cool.

  6. This post will now become a lightning rod for people wanting invitations, of course…

  7. Looks like Stormy got there first. Deb – i will see what i can do

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