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Hook You, Calacanis! How To Get Better Google Rank

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Friggin’ Scoble. He gets me to link to Jason Calacanis’s Link Bait post with a Tweet but then I don’t get a link back when I follow the rules. Is it perhaps I forgot the graphic?calacanis dog I am a big fan of Jason because he went to Woodstock before he was born. I saw it on Bad Sinatra. But I still want my link. I was at Woodstock too. We had to walk for miles and miles and miles to get there. It took us days. We lived on roasted corn sold by roadside vendors. I remember meeting a young guy on the way, had a bulldog… anyway he was a really smart kid- I remember thinking, he’ll go far.

At least I got some secondary linkage though, which is pretty cool when you think about it. Just by linking to Jason’s link bait post I picked up a link, even without Jason’s (But where is my link dude?). I guess people’s Technorati surfing got me some. So thank you SELaplana and no I didn’t get one.

In case you’re wondering why on earth I am bothering with this there is a serious point about inbound links. The more you have, especially from others that have a lot, the better your Google ranking. Dumb stuff like this can help you with stuff like this – that is, having a higher Google rank, being a top ten “james”, or “jason”. Blogging is the best way to do search engine optimisation and you’ don’t even feel dirty in the morning.

Update: I knew I got two links out of it, but one disappeared and only showed up again this morning. Thanks Last Podcast.

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  1. I wrote a review of Jason’s interview with Fred Vogelstein of Wired Magazine. Perhaps my review was a little superficial.

    My link hasn’t been acknowledged, either. Could you put in a good word for a Z-listed blogger?


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