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Builders: Maven Goes Commercial, Spring Likes Bamboo.

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The news according to fnockd is that Maven, the popular open source build and project management tool, now has a business arm. Sonatype is starting life as offering Maven training services, but I seem to remember that was JBoss’ business model in the beginning…

Meanwhile over in Interface21 land comes news that Atlassian‘s continuous integration tool Bamboo is rather spiffing, at least in terms of out of the box Spring support. Spring by the way is one of the technologies that makes large scale Java development not suck by improving interfaces. So having looked at Cruise Control and Continuum, Ben Hale says Bamboo offered “increased visibility into the projects”. Ben says his favourite feature is the developer dashboard, which allows the dev to see how their changes affect project quality. Whatever next-we’ll be trusting developers at this rate… Atlassian may not be an open source company but it builds good looking tools that developers actually like.

disclosure: none of the commercial organisations named above are clients. bummer.

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