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Top Ten Ways To Make Privacy A CEO-Level Concern

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I have taken Scott McNealy to task before regarding ambiguous, if not downright unhelpful, statements about privacy, so it is nice to point to the other side of the coin. Humour can be a great way to get an important message across, and with this top ten list via CPO Sun Michele Dennedy I think he does exactly that. I particularly like number 9. Tends to concentrate the mind, that one, at least for companies trading in California.

Top 10 Ways to Make Privacy a CEO-Level Concern

10. Show him his daughter’s MySpace page
9. Tell him the external auditors lost his personal data (on a laptop)
8. Install a hum generator in his handset
7. Pre-text his phone list– okay maybe not such a great idea
6. Update his Wikipedia posting
5. Publish his recent Netflix orders (assuming your CEO would be embarrassed)
4. Tell him you lost the corporate archives
3. Re-route his security camera to YouTube
2. Remove sticky notes, with his passwords, from his computer screen
1. Spend $1,000 to do a security check on him

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