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Apollo, Rich Internet Apps And The End of The Consumer

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Very nice response to questions about whether we actually want branded widgets or rich clients on our desktops, and whether or not we should be thought of as “consumers”.

“Applications need to realize that there is a shift in the conversation when a user moves from web site to desktop and celebrate it. Applications need to focus on the transition users make when they move from consumer to creator and build experiences around it.”

Gabor Vida, Teknision

At Adobe’s analyst even last week I got the chance to meet Gabor (very briefly) and Teknision’s CTO Tony MacDonnall (over beers). They built the finetune app, which I didn’t really engage with because I am a last.fm/emusic bigot. I may try and overcome my prejudices, because Ryan says finetune is good. But don’t hold your breath. That said-last.fm could definitely build a better streaming player.


  1. One of Finetune’s killer features is the fact that it runs on the wii, and neither last.fm nor pandora do (or at least, last time I checked, prolly a month ago). In fact, they specifically designed a special wii-facing ui. Nice attention to detail, there.

  2. We’ve been talking about how to convert you James. I think you got this before, but here’s how I see it. Pandora is 4 parts music, 1 part social. Last.fm is 4 parts social, 1 part music. Finetune is 3 parts music, 2 parts social.

    For me, music is the most important thing, and Finetune gives me flexibility with playlists and favorites. Last.fm has a lot of cool social features, but it’s hard for me to find music I want to listen to (and then be able to actually play it).

    One day we’ll bring you to the light side 🙂

  3. See you later this month. 😉

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