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Why Launch A Webside Aggregator When Your Sweet Spot is the front end/active end point?

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Scoble asked a question about choosing Adobe over Microsoft for client side rich internet apps. Its a good question and you should go read the comments. But what I found weird was Adobe launching a pretty much pure webside news reader called MyFeedz this week on Adobe Labs. Apparently its based on some stuff they acquired a while ago. But it just seems odd to me. Adobe can offer rich client side functionality with offline storage, high performance feed and XML parsing, read/write up the yazoo. Flash is an obvious platform for an outstanding client side feedreader/feedwriter that ties into various feed and tag back ends. So where is Adobe’s offering? Why not open source it, to get some developers on board? Am I missing something? Come on Adobe impress us. MyFeedz didn’t do much for me at all. Adobe’s story is about the power of active clients meeting active servers- defining rich web apps. So why not build one?

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