James Governor's Monkchips

monkchips and accmanpro break bread/drink wine

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Me and Dennis Howlett are meeting up tomorrow afternoon using the patented james governor start-early-drink-wine-but-be-home-in-time-to-tuck-the-boy in-method. Dennis will I am sure stand the pace for rather longer than I will… for those arriving later


  1. Sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon … don’t drink too much – you’ll be ‘fullasagoog’.

  2. I’m sure the creative juices will be flowing freely. I’ll get a report from Den on Wednesday.

  3. […] As always, the venue of choice for a Wine 2.0 meetup is Bedales in Spitalfields Market. It was great to spend an evening with James Governor, Dennis Howlett, Hugh MacLeod, Kyb, Andy Piper, Richard Brown and Alan Wood. […]

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