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Make Stars Of Your Developers: WS02 does

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WSO2 サ Engineers

Saw this via Cote. WS02 – the open source startup located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has an About page for its developers.

What a nice change from the norm- where corporate web sites only have bios for the most senior execs. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more about pages citing devs. Can you suggest any?

It shows guts to provide email addresses and links for to one of your most valuable resources – developers. But these days if you don’t turn your colleagues into stars someone else will.

The developer star issue is probably more pronounced in OSS oriented communities and firms, anyway, given the degree of meritocracy and transparency.

Thus Interface 21, which makes money from Spring by building, and supporting the framework, has an engineer heavy People list.

Automattic is by nature quite geeky.

As much as anything else, looking at About pages reminds me how lame RedMonk’s is. We have a redesign on the way which should help a lot.

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