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What new musics do your folks groove to? Cote’s Baby Daddy…

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A VC: Rock Is A Family Affair

I was reading the above post from music afficionado, family man, Javascript widget nut, VC and all round good guy, Fred Wilson, when I realised it was a good hook to blog on something I thought was really funny the other day.

I was talking to my mum last weekend, and she turned around and said – “Oh yes your dad loves Scissor Sisters. Loves them. He even didn’t turn over to watch the football when they were on at the same time the other night…”

OK I thought. I didn’t know dad had a thing for bears. Now for those that don’t know (for some reason Scissor Sisters are ignored in America but huge in the UK- maybe its because of the gay/camp thing? the songs are catchy as hell and the band is full of character. They put on a show. My dad has always had pretty good music taste (he turned me on to Talking Heads back in the day).

But then my mom surprised me. She is a lot less adventurous about music in general – but she turned to me and said oh my favourite are Basement JAXX. Ok – double take. She said: they put on a hell of a show don’t they? While the Jaxx started out as a DJ band-now they have a tight brass section and about four singers that defiantly lead the band on stage. They are loud and beat-driven.

It seems the common theme that both my folks are relating to is performance. This isn’t music to nod too – but to love, and feel joy too. Ok so they are watching the shows on TV- but I know I will be taking my ma to see Basement Jaxx this tour.

Its still kind of weird. My mom and dad’s current favourite bands-Basement Jaxx and Scissor Sisters respectively.

You gotta love the baby boomers, and their kids. Music, as Fred says, is now a family, not a generational thing. So what bands have your folks recently surprised you by calling out? Who is hot with the silver surfers?

Another good reason to blog on Scissor sisters? Baby Daddy and Cote- separated at birth?


  1. James – be aware that when you say “your folks” you actually mean ME … I was having a conversation in the car with a guy out from London for a couple of weeks (Gen X-er), with Bloc Party playing on the CD – he’d never heard of them. Was into Arctic Monkeys and Hard-Fi, but didn’t know Bloc Party, which I thought a little strange – but he does now, courtesy of a guy twenty years older!

    PS – that’s a couple of scary pictures …

  2. actually ric i was quite aware of that. i am one of the “your folks” now. of course farrell is only 11 months old, now, but he will be telling me what is cool sooner rather than later. ok – i will take your bloc party and raise you – you know The Editors?

  3. James – actually yes I do … My niece brought “Back Room” home from the UK earlier this year – but I’m sure you can find somebody I don’t know!

  4. My mom likes Lightning Bolt (http://laserbeast.com/). My dad is into Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (http://tedleo.com).

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