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Is Microsoft Consulting in Trouble?

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Mini-Microsoft: Beyond Redmond Product Groups

I would love to hear from any enterprise customers about experiences, negative or positive, working with Microsoft Consulting. I am of course more than happy to make this an anonymous discussion. Meanwhile if you represent MCS I would appreciate any clarifying comments on this blog.

If you work at IBM you should read the Mini-Microsoft post linked to above, if only to sit back in your chair and indulge in some deep rich chocolately schadenfraude. Next time you get FUD from Charles Fitzgerald just say MCS… (of course MCS is staffed by many ex-IBMers, so you may get some chocolate reflux…)

Normally this kind of mud gets slung at IBM though:

I’m thinking specifically of MCS (Consulting Services) – over 1,200 U.S. and 2,000+ worldwide. I left the group because of extremely dysfunctional management, bullying, sleazy engagement managers, arrogant architects, brutal travel, and a law-firm mentality of billable utilization to the point of fraud.

To prevent a mass exodus former peers say there’s an unwritten policy where there’s a 3-6 month period when a consultant CAN’T leave for another internal position, effectively locking them into the MCS org.

I was lucky getting out but suffered an ass-whupping of a review. I’d never go back, and the only reason I stayed was the pride associated with working for Microsoft.

disclaimers: IBM SWG and STG are clients, but not BCS. Microsoft is an occasional client.
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