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Please support kids living in war zones

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Please give generously folks. Some guys I know are cycling up an insane hill to support a charity that tries to make like just a bit better for children in war zones. its a good charity, which doesn’t just send a bunch of sweaters… The Ventoux is a hell of a hill climb.

War Child was founded in 1993 by two British film makers, after they had returned from the warzones in former Yugoslavia having made a film about the role of artists in war. Shocked by the plight of children – this war like so many in the world, was a war against civilians – they decided to use their film and entertainment background to raise money for the innocent victims of that gruesome war.

In 1994 the War Child Holland founder started activities in support of the War Child aims, which resulted in the founding of War Child Holland in the summer of 1995. This was followed by the founding of War Child Canada in 1998.

Since that time War Child has expanded their field of operations to include some of the other thirty wars and conflicts that are currently affecting millions of children around our planet.

From psychosocial workshops for children in Bosnia: Music Therapy in the bomb shelters of Sarajevo, to helping the children in Sudan and Afghanistan. And from projects for street children in Ethiopia to creative workshops in the Chechnyan refugee camps in Ingushetia. From Youth Media & Human Rights programs for Burmese refugees, to creative and sports programs in Sierra Leone. Community programs in Democratic Republic of Congo and mobile workshops in Kosovo. From material aid to Iraq to Afghan refugee education in Pakistan. War Child is working as hard as possible to take the war out of the child.


  1. Hi. Just made a donation and also gave you a plug on my blog ( http://helzerman.com ). Good luck to those guys… sounds like a challenge!

  2. thanks a lot catherine. that is great.

  3. Wow, two different James in the blogosphere encouraging charity. What is this world coming to?

    NOTE: I will be making a donation in the next ten minutes…

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