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A good idea I think I will steal from Gartner

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ARcade : Gartner Invest: Establish clear rules of engagement

If you, dear readers in the analyst relations community, are interested in a regular call about AR and how to work with independents, then let me know. Would you be willing to get on a call with your peers at other firms?

This post really needs feedback or I won’t bother.

And finally, welcome to the world of AR blogging, Hill and Knowlton.


  1. As Jonathan and I said to you on our call with you just now, the demand for this is out there – you just need to be smart about how you build traction (shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?).

    There’s lots of scope for a regular conversation between AR and analysts of all hues.

    I think we all agree that the industry analyst scene needs to change and that if the process has started, it has a lot further to go.

  2. Absolutely. The more access we (in the AR community) can get to talk to analysts, the better.

    The benefit to us? We get to understand more deeply how you work, what you want, how to deal with you, what you’re doing and how we can help (or not) etc etc. That should mean we engage with you more effectively, wasting less of your time and helping us advise internal audiences / clients more clearly.

    The benefit to you? Well, you know this better than me – but in my view, it gives you the chance to educate us on what you’re doing, showcase your skills and highlight why we should be telling our clients / employers to work with you more closely (or ignore you, depending on what we’re doing and / or who we’re working with!)

    I bet there are other independent analysts who would be up for doing this sort of thing too. Dale? The two Neils? Dean? Clive and Bob? Justin?

    Am happy to do an open call. Am also happy to suggest to the IIAR board that we use the new AR institute as a vehicle to make this happen if that helps?

  3. The Freeform team would support this.

  4. Hi James,

    While I can’t speak for all our members, I think the IIAR would welcome and could help this.

    I suggest you to contact Hannah -let me know if you don’t have her details.

  5. I think this would be a good idea – should include agency folks also.

    I’m happy to set up an Acrobat Connect (Breeze) meeting room for this if you want?

  6. ok – it looks like we’re proceeding. thanks all.

    no word from anyone at IBM AR – lame.

  7. Customers also support this notion…

  8. Tim,

    The IIAR welcomes agencies. We all need to work together to champion the Analysts and get AR better recognised.

    You should first register through the Yahoo! Group (we’re setting up a web site):

    We had a board meeting this am and were discussing how to best include remote members. I don’t know about the tool you propose, best is to contact Hannah Kirkman, our club secretary.

  9. great point james- i am sure a lot of enterprise customers would like to know more

  10. Definitely interested, I am based out of India adds a time zone dimension to the whole thing

  11. Another bit of smart thinking – great feedback for you James – good luck with this idea.

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