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Cote Blogs from SAP TechEd, introduces the “Spherical Cow Development” concept

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People Over Process: SAP TechEd 2006: The New Services Platform

For those of you that are monkchips readers but don’t follow Cote, but are interested in what SAP is saying, I suggest you head on over to PeopleoverProcess for some nice SAP mindmaps and coverage.

Props to Bill Wohl, Jeff Nolan and Michael Prosceno. Cote says: “In summary, this is definitely he first time I’ve come to a conference and felt like a blogger who’s an analyst instead of an analyst who blogs.”

On The New Services Platform “One of the more interesting aspects is what I’m increasingly thinking of as the spherical cow model of software adoption: changing the organization to align with what the software provides.”

All Coffeed Up “I had an odd enterprisey experience on the plane up from Austin. After I told her that I was on the way to SAP TechEd, the lady sitting next to me — who was quite nice — told me that she uses SAP at work. “I love it!” she said. As I recall, she even said something along the lines of, “man, that SAP/R3 does everything.” She was on the way to another conference, unrelated to her SAP-using day-job as a hospital finance administrator.”

Cote also provides links to help you find other blogger coverage from the show (be more competitive by being less competitive)

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