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A Day In The Life Of An Analyst: wads of cash, fast cars, and jet-set travel

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In. My. Dreams.

In RedMonk Radio Episode 8, guest host Scott Mark interviews me and Coté about being an industry analyst. As we find out, it’s not all wads of cash, fast cars, and jet-set travel.

A lot of people seem to think being an industry analyst is glamorous. It isn’t really. To be fair it wasn’t bad in the 1990s, but those times are gone for now.

I travelled from London to Austin, TX on Wednesday last week, and back from Austin to London on Thursday. Cattle class all the way – except one two hour leg where I bumped myself up to business class at least partly so I had access to power… my Thinkpad now has a battery life of 30 minutes or so…

But anyway – Thanks Scott Mark! We’ll work to get some more analysts to participate. Anyone interested do please let us know.

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  1. Go on – we know you love it! What I’d like to know is – is it fun?

  2. fun – absolutely. being an industry analyst is a great job. working with great smart people all the time is v rewarding.

  3. James, far be it for me to suggest you should get a new laptop battery. While at it, get an additional one that goes in the Ultrabay and you’ll be set for 5-6 hours…

    Also, you need to get serious about an airline frequent flyer program, I’ve clocked up 2-million miles with AA and rarely fly anywhere in cattle class but equally rarely pay for 1st/business…

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