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Eclipse meets Netbeans Matisse finally! Rock on Genuitec

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Genuitec is possibly the most interesting of the Eclipse-based IDE players from a disruptive point of view. Unlike other software vendors with a legacy to ring-fence, Genuitec really is all about Eclipse. Having said that, the company makes decisions based on capability and user requirements, rather than religion. Only market dominants can afford that kind of religion though.
You license MyEclipse for $49.95, which include some support. You get an Oracle database browser thrown in. It supports both Spring and Hibernate, and now… it supports an industry leading Java-based GUI builder, namely Matisse.
What’s that I hear you cry? But Matisse is Netbeans. That can’t be right.
JSR 198 may finally bear some fruit. How about that? The Java Community Process (JCP) takes a lot of hits from people that like to complain its too slow, or too political, or too in Sun’s pocket or whatever.
Well let me say categorically nobody at Sun corporate was working towards Eclipse Matisse interop but Genuitec just went ahead and built something. Nice trouble-making. The tool also supports some native Windows capability…
These days Eclipse has political issues, just as the JCP does. It is a function of broad success and market adoption. But its great that players like Genuitec are not afraid to “get their hands dirty”.
And from a developer perspective why not build GUIs and manipulate Java code using your favourite IDE?
I see this offering as a potential enterprise developer win, win. Some Eclipse types will be exposed to netbeans GUI goodness, which is good for Sun. Meanwhile those that are impatient with the pace of Eclipse Web Tools project and their own vendor’s implementations of same, or similar, can potentially just get on with it…
It seems to me that Genuitec just built something really useful. It will be interesting to see if the market agrees. But then again I have been calling for Eclipse Netbeans interop for ages…


  1. Can’t seem to find such news on the MyEclipse nor on the Genuitec sites.. Can you point to an article/post specifying what this support provides?

  2. Aviad,

    James is just way ahead of the curve, as you’d expect from a good analyst.

    We’re working on some site content to let you know exactly what’s coming, but it’s just not quite done yet. We hope to have it up on the MyEclipse site by Tuesday morning (3/7). Sorry for the delay or any confusion.

    Todd Williams
    Genuitec, LLC

  3. Aviad and all,

    OK, we’ve gotten a link up with some developmental preview content of Matisse4Myeclipse at:

    Todd Williams
    Genuitec, LLC

  4. Ahhh, at last, Swing components working in Eclipse on Macos X. Or is Matisse in Eclipse SWT based? Or does Matisse in Eclipse mean Windows only? Ah the joy of Eclipse truth.

  5. Almost more interesting is wheter this is some standalone GUI builder attempt once more, or if it is compatible with VE to some extent?

    That demo does not really tell, if the components are based on SWT, Swing or both are possible?

    What I am more concerned about, is that infamous .FORM file, that Matisse does not seem to go without either (as earlier NetBeans versions) while real 2-way GUI designers can do that on the fly…

    Just remember what JBuilder was compared to Visual Cafe (which had this kind of metadata to a much higher extent)
    Or the ongoing discussions and trends to make Java Enterprise more simple, by getting RID of all those XML metafiles.

    So why (re)introduce them on the GUI ?!
    With that kind of XML GUI definition, other technologies are able to create the GUI on the fly without a need of Java Classes (kind of like XUL) so GUI Builders having to constantly keep Java and XML (or binary) metafiles in sync are not making the client development much simpler or easier…

  6. I really think it is cool, but after seeing netbeans 5.5 i think tools like my eclipse isnt big deal, wy paying if you can have it as good for free? 😛

  7. I really think it’s very useful for me.

  8. can we use this tool by it self without eclips

  9. Bonjour, je suis entrain de developper un projet de reporting avec l’environnement (Eclipse3.2, Jboss5.0.1) mais le plugin de jboss(easieJboss) n’arriva pas à se configurer.Svp j’ ai besoin d’un aide.
    merci pour votre cooperation

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