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Teressa Jimenez at IBM is awesome

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Today Teressa Jimenez commented on my blog, something I really wish IBM staffers would do more often.
So Teressa, I salute you: welcome to the ranks of the monkchips mega value readers!
It turns out someone else recommended IBM pick up the San Francisco Project again. Cool – that means the idea may have legs.
Seriously folks, whether you work at IBM or anywhere else, I can’t stress enough how useful and powerful and important your comments are. Analysis is a collaborative processes and many of our best insights come from the community.
I therefore thoroughly recommend that if you read a monkchips or Tecosystems blog you are interested in, then comment on it, positive or negative, and subscribe to the comments.
Don’t worry if its not an “official answer” – you are a trusted and valuable member of your firm, and if it is willing to see you blog, it certainly should be willing to see you comment.
Your 2c might actually be worth a million bucks if someone acts on the idea. Certainly your 2c is worth $$$ to RedMonk. We love people like Gary Edwards, who make us smarter and better. We love our platinum mega value readers (thanks mr enck for the concept).
At RedMonk we believe the most analysis will arise from an architecture of participation.
The issue is simple – our community is smarter than we can ever be. That goes for you, vendor people.
[Hey stephen – you nailed this very well recently but i can’t find the blog entry? can you help please…]
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  1. I consider the gauntlet thrown down — all us shy IBMers need to start commenting.

  2. James,

    You are correct we IBMr’s should both read your blogs AND comment šŸ™‚

  3. yes indeed angus. thanks for that. its the best way to drive “collaborative innovation”, which thrives on feedback loops

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