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An Invitation to WebSphere bloggers

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Well if this doesn’t generate some commentary nothing will.

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  1. James,

    Just to elaborate on one point from Fleury’s post. A week ago Monday (the 16th), Bobby Woolf, Kyle Brown, and I attended the RTP-area JUG to see Gavin King speak about O/R mapping with Hibernate. I assume that King is “the lead developer” that he mentioned in his post. Before the meeting, the Gluecode acquisition was all anyone wanted to talk to Kyle and Bobby about, since they are thoughtful guys who work for WebSphere services. But during the talk itself there wasn’t much discussion period. The nature of the talk was a very low-level, nuts-and-bolts discussion of O/R mapping with Hibernate, and consequently there were a just a few questions asked the whole night… every one about O/R mapping with Hibernate.

    Though I can’t speak for anyone else in the room, the reason I didn’t ask King any questions about IBM’s Gluecode acquisition was that it didn’t seem like the right forum, given the very technical nature of his talk. Now perhaps if he would have been speaking about open source business models and the state of the J2EE application server market, that would have been a much different story.

    PS – Some light relief: for some reason, King was about 30 minutes late to the JUG in Raleigh, so several of the members of the audience playfully encouraged Kyle and Bobby to talk about O/R mapping with entity EJBs in WebSphere Application Server v6.

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