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Domino Runs Better On Solaris than SuSE?

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Another little chip. Another Sun related post. Why? I try and listen to practitioners to help focus my analysis. Sun is in a period of rapid change which means we should watch it very closely. No need for any config changes or extra gorp with Solaris and Domino (remember that Solaris is still IBM SWG’s biggest Unix market). And performance screams. What does open mean exactly? This post and the last one ask some questions about that.

Is IBM neglecting an opportunity? Surely Domino should run like an appliance, especially if IBM wants to make WebSphere Express and Domino a middle-tier success? The best way to compete more effectively with Microsoft is to reduce configuration burdens and spurious interdependencies. I know smart IBM people that think Windows is best for DB2. That is what open means.

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