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Jennifer is Great: What brands do you love, which do you hate?

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Jennifer Rice is a smart cookie. If we are going to talk about lovemarks and stuff why not try and measure them? i am a big fan of quick and dirty google queries that show us something about buzz. What Jennifer calls too much time on her hands i call a neat little meme. So what brands do we love? Which do we hate? Where is the passion? Where is the love? Here that’s where. I actually believe this kind of thing is the future of market research. This is why if i could hold stock in tech firms i would have jumped on Google-there is a company that hasnt even started generating cash yet… the money will come from Buzz Measurement.

One of the commenters on Jennifer’s latest points to technorati for real time results. Another points to “googlefights” – i have used both in posts in thinking about how aggregation is going to fundamentally change market research, allowing Insto-Analysis. Want to know what’s hot – listen to the buzz. sniff the Zeitgeist, the currents of what we are interested in. Although if January’s top ten is anything to go by we’re boring as hell.

1. tsunami

2. britney spears

3. paris hilton

4. christina aguilera

5. pamela anderson

6. angelina jolie

7. brad pitt

8. games

9. carmen electra

10. dictionary

Thank god for the Long Tail; lord knows the mass market tends to the dull.

What “brand’ is generating the most love right now? Linux…. passion and the GPL? now that’s a surprise… 😉

But thanks Jennifer and Kathy Sierra – you enrich my thoughtlife. i never saw kathy before i looked up that bio–i just love her work at Creating Passionate Users. but now i can see why someone called them both blogging babes.

Smart people are just so great. One suggestion Jennifer – why don’t you work on making the chart programmatic. A couple of lightweight web services queries and a front end and you could measure changes in the buzz over time – make that useful metadata public and i bet you drive even more traffic to your site.

One comment

  1. the more i look at January’s top ten queries the less hope i think there is for us as a species. still at least the Tsunami was more important than.. Carmen Electr*…. but is Brintey really still hot?

    praise be folks are still wondering what words mean though – go number 10!!! i think i will have to go to google at hit that a few times, see if we can generate a buzz around dictionary.

    wow – MT wants to block me for posting this? what is it gagging on?

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