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Meta Gartner or Mega Target?

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Come on now Mr Lewis – you should be aiming higher than the second opinion slot. Meta Gartner or Mega Target? The company has a big bullseye on its ass right now. Customers are asking more and more tough questions. The European VP of a content management vendor recently asked me about a competitor

How can a company have a strong ability to execute if it hasn’t been profitable for eight quarters?

Burton should be aiming for number one, shouldn’t it? Are you the Dell of analysis? If so the HP Compaq merger just happened.

I have respect for Burton Group and its architectural focus, combined with its interoperability bakeoffs.

You are not the first analyst firm to use the second opinion meme though – my buddies at Data Mobility Group have been using it for at least two years. The storage industry’s first choice for a second opinion… cool slogan guys. Aiming for number 2 is just right for an outfit our size…

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  1. I’m guessing it’s some kind of weird protocol agreement of not beating them while they’re Down. you can’t be the CEO of a consulting company and trying to position yourself *after* HP Consulting, err, Gartner when, all they’ve been doing is putting theyre foot in theyre mouth.
    PS. they’re late with the report saying that 2006 will be the “Itanium year”, shouldn’t it be out by now?

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