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thanks eMusic for the Bhangra

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I love eMusic. i have been using it since July 2003. What a weirdo eh – i pay for music??! I am happy to pay artists that make me happy – and eMusic gives them some money when i download tracks. simple. No bullshit DRM either. I will be fair with my use.

eMusic introduces me to new music, and is getting better at Architecture of Participation (thanks for the concept Tim and Clay), with the introduction of lists and “friends’ with shared interests. It is even starting to offer live music shows too, although that service is still pretty raw.

I saw someone critical of eMusic the other day on a blog and i can’t imagine why. the service is rich, and gets you beyond the boring hits we hear on MTV and the radio every damn day.

For me the record labels of the 80s and 90s that really rock it are things like 4AD and Alternative Tentacles. eMusic carries the entire back catalog of both. All the Pixies, Tones on Tail. you name it… It has a ton of weird electronics too – TRS-80 (my first PC!!!) are really damn good, and i woudl thoroughly recommend King Kooba.

This morning i fired eMusic up and noticed a ton of new Indian music on the site. cool. some great driving beats to work to. I would be surprised if you knew the artists – but you might like the music. i would recommend this as a starter. You will have to register if you want to do some downloading but there are samples there. Oh yeah–eMusic is also offering 50 free MP3s to start with.

i don’t mind paying artists for content but i have no intention of subsidising A&R men’s coke habits. I can find my own way to the talent thanks.

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  1. I think emusic is brilliant too.

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