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Best Privacy Policy Ever- Flickr

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I am not really a visual guy. i am all about the word. i do like photography but something about too much visual data in web content leaves me cold. i have had to unsubscribe from some blogs, like Nat Friedman‘s, accordingly.

But i decided i needed to start Flickr-ing, mostly because
a. its hot within blog hermeneutics
b. its part of the new ATOMic world of content feeds and splicing
c. i am a big believer in the Creative Commons

Whatever my reason i decided it was time to go through the dreaded registration process, where i get reamed for a bunch of data i don’t need to provide for the service, and to which the harvester offers no guarantees whatsoever.

How wrong i was – a good policy should be short and to the point, without a bunch of loopholes or opt-outs (by the vendor, that is). Which is where Flickr comes in:

“Our hatred for spam is difficult to articulate. We promise unreservedly never to share your email address with anyone without your explicit permission”.

Awesome. Flickr – you have my full attention. i am off the take some pictures with my phone. content splicing here we come. All my data are belong to me, except of course all my data that are belong to us (the commons).

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