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NY Times advocates open source music by laptop djs

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It seems odd that the NY Times would be pointing out what’s cool and being right about it. But credit where it is due. The “Old Grey Lady” is a New Yorker after all, and captures some of the edginess of the city in its art pages. Good job.

This article is just right on – with lots of pointers to great music, and a list of links. You do have to register for the Times though–i thought about just lifting the links – but that seems unfair to the author and collator Jon Pareles, and perhaps the NYT. what do you think?

DOWNLOADING music from the Internet is not illegal. Plenty of music available online is not just free but also easily available, legal and — most important — worth hearing.

That fact may come as a surprise after highly publicized lawsuits by the Recording Industry Association of America, representing major labels, against fans using peer-to-peer programs like Grokster and EDonkey to collect music on the Web. But the fine print of those lawsuits makes clear that fans are being sued not for downloading but for unauthorized distribution: leaving music in a shared folder for other peer-to-peer users to take. As copyright holders, the labels have the exclusive legal right to distribute the music recorded for them, even if technology now makes that right nearly impossible to enforce.

A nice little coincedence-the mavens of DRM lockdown over at Apple are advertising iPods on the same page as an article that potentially undercuts their business model…

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  1. That is a very funny article on the NYT. I think the issue “Downloading Music on the Internet” is getting bigger and bigger, nevertheless one have to be careful with such articles.

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