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On Addressing Business Controls with Lotus and DB2 Combo

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The Business Controls Caddy is getting busy. Christopher Byrne is a long time Lotus implementer with accounting experience who plans to increasingly focus on the links between software infrastructures, business and IT Governance controls in his work at IBM business partner The Cayuga Group.

I like this article, his first work published in a magazine, because it focus on database and messaging servers as providing services to underline regulatory compliance efforts, aided by a mapping to Information Security Audit and Controls Association (ISACA). The article helps to explain to Domino and Notes admins and developers how their skills are applicable to broad business-focused compliance efforts, and weaves into the the discussion some strong points supporting the role of DB2 as a central repository for application development in Domino shops.

Its great to come across someone who can talk technology, business process, and best practice governance, all in the same breath. Evidenced by his blog and written work you could argue Chris is a compliance oriented architecture exponent.

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