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RedMonk has spent the better part of a decade speaking with, writing for and working on behalf of developers. As the first and only developer focused industry analyst firm, our free research is read thousands of times a day by the best developers in the industry. These coders, data scientists, DBAs, designers, engineers, operators, statisticians, and sysadmins hail from all over the world. 2010 saw visitors from six continents (nobody from Antarctica, sadly) and 199 countries using 158 different languages.

(Source: RedMonk Analytics)

They arrive from startups. Fortune 500 organizations. Universities. High schools. Government agencies. Non-profits. Open source foundations. And so on. Here is where the developers visiting RedMonk’s research were employed and/or studying, by category, in 2010:

Rank Fortune 500 Government
Systems Integrators Vendors Web Universities
1 CIBC Headquarters USAISC IBM Sun (Oracle) Amazon RPI
2 Fidelity DOD Accenture HP Yahoo Stanford
3 Morgan Stanley National Academy of Sciences CSC Cisco Google MIT
4 Boeing Navy Network Information Center D&T Microsoft eBay UT Austin
5 BofA NASA IBM Mozilla Northwestern

Developers from these and other places arrive to read the latest developer oriented research and analysis, which is made possible by clients of our research services. They arrive to learn technology. Why not let them know about yours?

For those that wish to more directly reach our global audience of developers, RedMonk offers a two distinct sponsorship opportunities.

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What You Get

Your advertisement will run in the margin of the site or sites specified and must be 120×300 or smaller. Your ad will be one of a maximum of two per site. No getting lost in a sea of ads, no being missed.

Who You’re Talking To

Our audience skews technical. Heavily technical. Some random facts about our readers:

And last but not least, we’ve had eight visits from OS/2 machines…this quarter. Doesn’t get geekier than that.

How Many You Can Reach

Advertising at RedMonk is about reaching the right developer, not just the most developers. So ditch the shotgun approach and target an audience of influencers. For those still curious monthly pageviews at RedMonk generally fall between 50,000 and 100,000, three out of four of which are uniques. Another 23,000 or so are RSS subscribers. Our Google PageRank is 6. The combined Twitter reach of our analysts is > 20,000.

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