Numbers: The Browser Wars

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Browser share by month to this space. I only have consistent data since April, because that’s when I finally relented and transitioned the bulk of my web analytics chores to Google. Still, the data over time – as opposed to the occasional snapshots – is interesting. Clearly traction for Chrome is growing. Largely, though by no means solely, at Firefox’s expense.

This is even more interesting given the audience to this space. As a specialized outlet, tecosystems is not remotely representative of trends in the market broadly. You don’t have to look any further than IE’s marketshare to understand that. Nothing about the wider market of Firefox or Chrome can be understood from these numbers.

What might be extracted, however, are trends about a certain type of user. What you make of these trends depends, of course, on the relative importance of that type of user to your particular project. More on that later. Until then, in case you’re curious, the data is here.

P.S. Before you say anything, I am aware that the above chart is abominably ugly. But Tableau Public was down this morning, and I don’t have time to mess around with custom Javascript charts, so Google Docs was the best I could do in the meantime.


  1. Interesting stats. I’m slowly transitioning from Firefox to Chrome, for speed reasons and because it doesn’t seem so resource hungry.

    Interested to know why you were reluctant to hand your metrics to the Goog?

  2. @Dave Briggs: Not so much reluctance as frustration that the other tools I was employing failed to work. I like Google Analytics, but it’s missing what I consider to be some fairly fundamental data such as visitor paths.

  3. Thanks for the post – no surprise IE is getting hit so hard. Would you mind enumerating what happened with Tableau Public? Our servers were up all morning… we would love to troubleshoot with you and make sure that does not happen again. Email me at [email protected] if you have a moment.

  4. Are you using Piwik?
    It is self-hosted and does a lot that Google Analytics doesn’t.

    Also, I’d be interested to see these numbers not only for the last year but in the 3-6 year range, as well.


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