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links for 2008-12-01

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  • Brian Aker


    Ian’s blog lacks a comment section so I will just answer here.

    The bug he references doesn’t exist in Drizzle (one of the advantages of simplifying is that a number of bugs just drop out of the system).

    In general though? There is no bug flow from Drizzle to MySQL. So all of the bug fixes we have made to turn Drizzle into an ACID compliant/OLTP type system? I don’t see those going back (and there are hundreds). On the same token their bug fixes? Other then the bug fixes for the optimizer we just do not see them.

    Both projects get fed Innodb, so as far as that goes we are similar (though we have community pushing for Google/Percona patches).

    Really though, this is not too surprising and it is not all that bad. Our internals are different enough that in many cases fixes would not work directly.

    We are though almost finished with a new testing framework that will allow us to verify our bugs on both Drizzle and MySQL. Which is super useful since we can discover regression or just “this was always broke”.

    Anyway, this is the state today. I don’t know what the future will hold.


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