links for 2008-10-10

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  1. You are re-affirming the views of Meeks, who is taking cheap shots at Sun. Microsoft and Novell try to hijack OOo.

  2. What is it you find so compelling about Meeks’ blog posting? The conclusions seem to be a repeat of his various earlier complaints, largely unrelated to the graphs, only with a little less truth (for example, Sun isn’t rejecting anything from Novell that I’m aware of, although Novell staff are withholding some contributions because they don’t like the contributor agreement). Reading this divisive posting actually makes me feel a Foundation would be more a vehicle for attempts to divide the community than a solution to problems…

  3. By the way. I wish to apologise for my earlier post. I just wrote a sentence or two quite instinctively, but I still consider (especially -ed) Remonk to be reliable and accurate (never mind if it is separated from Redmond 🙂 ).

    I’ve just subscribed to RSS.

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