Things That Are Awesome

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My excuse? Mark asked.

  • htop (it’s top, but shiny, and I like shiny things)
  • Fire Joe Morgan (fighting irrationalism with hilarity)
  • Lenovo X300 (only the most awesome laptop yet created by man)
  • GNOME Do (how did I live without this, precisely?)
  • Johncompanies (or maybe you know another colo host whose average response time to email support is under five minutes)
  • PITCHf/x (baseball data porn)
  • S3 (yes, in spite of the downtime; I’m with Joshua)
  • Sealab 2021 (the ultimate cartoon mashup)
  • Street and Company (favorite eats in real Portland)
  • The Avett Brothers (and I don’t even care for bluegrass, particularly)
  • Volvo S40 T5 (two years in and still love it, and Volvo’s the official car of the Red Sox)
  • WordPress (so awesome I take it for granted)

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  1. Thanks for the htop tip – looks really handy. A second vote for GNOME Do, what a great piece of software. Can’t imagine how annoying it would be to not have this any more.

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