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As the hearts over on Twitter indicate, today is Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s more attributable to Chaucer or Hallmark, the flood of hearts and candies and heart-shaped candies is upon us. Personally, I’m not a fan. When I’ve been in a relationship, I’ve always played the part and dutifully marked the occasion with the requisite flowers and so on, but in my current unattached state the holiday is more of a distraction than anything else. But to the folks celebrating, enjoy the day.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be commemorating the beginning of yet another season of my favorite sport. As you might have noted from the countdown in the margin of my blog, there are now zero days until baseball, for pitchers and catchers reported to camp today. There will be days I’m more excited, but not many. Even more than Truck Day, Pitchers and Catchers represents the unofficial end of winter. Sort of like the message from the pilot when you’re still 180 miles from the airport; you’re not there yet, but you feel like you are. So while Denver’s been snowy all day, today’s reporting date allows me to drift into reveries of lazy days spent listening to ballgames on the boat, not catching fish. Good times, and soon.

Last, but hardly least, today is the birthday of one James Governor, so before I forget: Happy Birthday, sir.

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  1. Did anyone else look at the boston.com logo and think captcha? Just wondering.

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