Gone Fishin’

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ice fishing

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Yes, you read that right. And yes, I know it’s February.

But when your only brother that lives 2100 miles away asks if you want to join him and his brother-in-law sitting in a freezing hut for a weekend fishing, well, what would you say?

I hear you. But I said yes.

So tomorrow at a positively unholy hour I’m off to Brainerd, Minnesota – Denver to Minneapolis.

I’ll be there through the weekend, with no laptop – the first trip I’ve taken without one in some time. If global warming doesn’t get us, I’ll be back in the office Monday morning. With pictures of fish. Stolen pictures, if necessary, but pictures of fish.


  1. Nice – you’ll be in my (extended) backyard. Looks like the weather will be cooperative – have a blast! Hope someone is bringing the Vexlar.

  2. I’d say yes in a heartbeat also. I’ve been waiting since grumpy old men to be able to do this.

    A fishing report is now required, with pictures. You are granted the fisherman’s weight and length scale. 1 inch equals up to 5, one pound can go 2-3 back at the office.

  3. Interesting piece about ice fishing, a pastime I recall from decades ago on the Hudson River. Since a close family member (spouse) has been a high-profile regional federal fishing policy official for 25 years, some readers of your blog or Google may find the coincidental namesake intriguing. Aloha, John E. Simonds/Honolulu.

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