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aerial bday party

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A day late but hopefully not a dollar short (as usual) comes this belated thank you. As long as we’re into clichés, better late than never. The thank you emails, texts, Facebook messages, voicemails and IMs began rolling in yesterday – one even before we’d closed the tab and stumbled home – and they’re obviously appreciated. We’re happy when you are all happy. Obviously.

But in nearly every case, misplaced, because it is us who should be thanking you.

Yes, the alcohol was on us. Yes, we did the bare minimum in organizing the event. And yes, we issued – in most cases – the invites. But the only way we could organize, fund and hold the gathering in the first place was you. Each and every one of you. Everyone that’s sold us, linked to us, mentioned us, paid us, educated us, and even criticized us. I know it’s trite, what with the Time piece and all, but it’s no less true for that. What influence is given RedMonk is far more your doing than it is ours. The Power of All of Us, and all that.

Even more than the packed House of Shields you provided us with on Wednesday night, or the five great years to date, I and my colleagues would like to thank you for the greater gift you’ve provided: the chance for five more great years.

As I said the last time someone had something nice to say about us, it’s the support that we enjoy among the people that makes this job fun,keeps us employed, and – frankly – keeps us going.

Thank you.

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